Representative Evelyn Terry


Name: Evelyn Terry

District: 71 (Forsyth)

In office since: 2013

Key Committees: Appropriations, Health and Human Services; Commerce; Education – Universities; Environment

Prior office: Winston-Salem City Council

FEATURED BILL: Repeal 2015 Law Relating to Monuments

In 2015, the Republican-led NCGA passed a bill, signed into law by then-Governor Pat McCrory, forbidding the removal of monuments on public property with very limited exceptions. Of course, this was in response to the widespread call to remove and relocate Confederate statues that are common in the South.

Historians have pointed out that these monuments are not merely about history and are rather homages to white supremacy. Most were erected long after the Civil War, in the Jim Crow era, as an attempt to glorify the Confederacy. Additionally, these monuments can present serious threats to public safety as they are often the site of violent clashes between extremists and protestors.

Rep. Terry, along with her colleagues Reps. Alexander, Harrison, and Morey, introduced HB 873 to repeal the reactionary 2015 law and allow cities and other jurisdictions to remove or relocate monuments.

We’re thankful for legislators like Rep. Terry, who always fight back against injustice.