Future Candidate Training

This virtual, multi-day training is for women preparing to run for any office in North Carolina in the next 1-3 years.

Future Candidate Training covers network building, fundraising, compliance, social media, and personal story development.

Campaign Camp

Learn everything you need to know about working on a political campaign, including fundraising, paid media, polling, targeting, field programs, volunteer management, and more.

Our staff training program started in 2013 and most graduates have moved on to important positions in NC politics.

Annual Events

Elect Women of Color Training Institute

Women of color who run for office often face many additional barriers while campaigning. These additional barriers mean that women of color are vastly underrepresented in elected office. Lillian’s List acknowledges this racial disparity and is proactively working to remove barriers and elect more women of color.

Elect WOC is a training for women of color looking to run for office in the next 1-3 years. Sessions include Campaigns 101, personal narrative building, messaging on reproductive rights, fundraising, and more.

Win Locally

Recruiting and training women to run at the local level of government is a critical component of building the bench for women to successfully run and win at the legislative level and above.

Win Locally is a series of free panels to introduce future candidates to the roles and responsibilities of local government offices, including County Commission, City Council, and School Board.