Representative Carolyn Logan


Name: Carolyn Logan

District: 101 (Mecklenburg)

In office since: 2019

Key Committees: Appropriations; Federal Relations and American Indian Affairs; Homeland Security, Military, and Veterans Affairs; State Personnel

Prior career: NC Highway Patrol Sergeant

FEATURED BILL: NC Healthy Pregnancy Act

85% of women in the US will be pregnant and employed simultaneously over the course of our lives. But in North Carolina, pregnant workers have no protections under state law, and our employment anti-discrimination laws do not specifically include pregnancy.

To remedy this, Rep. Logan, along with her colleagues, Reps. Fisher, Cooper-Suggs, and Baker, introduced the NC Healthy Pregnancy Act in April 2021.

The Act ensures that employers provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant workers, such as providing private lactation spaces and access to closer parking. It also prohibits discrimination and retaliation against pregnant job applicants and employees.

Laws like this would improve both maternal and child health. Let’s keep working to train and elect more women so we can get them passed!