Representative Pricey Harrison


Name: Pricey Harrison

District: 61 (Guilford)

In office since: 2005

Key Committees: Appropriations – Agriculture & Natural & Economic Resources; Election Law & Campaign Finance Reform; Energy & Public Utilities; Environment; Judiciary 1; Marine Resources & Aquaculture; Redistricting

Past career: Attorney


Nearly seven in 10 minimum wage workers in North Carolina are women. These women earn just $2.13 an hour if they earn tips, and $7.25 otherwise.

To help increase their financial well-being, Rep. Harrison, along with her colleagues Reps. Fisher, Brown, and Baker, introduced the Economic Security for All bill this May.

The bill would raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 and increase the tipped minimum wage, mandate equal pay for equal work, and require paid sick and family medical leave for employees. It also includes a host of other benefits for North Carolina workers. 

This is critical legislation that will help ensure working women can achieve economic security and can succeed in their careers and as caregivers.