Future Candidate Training Resource Center

Below you will find links to resources to help your campaign. We will update the resource center with new materials as necessary. The documents in this resource page are not intended to be shared with people who have not attended a Lillian’s List Future Candidate in 2021. We understand you may need to share these documents with members of your campaign team, however we ask that you don’t share these resources outside of your trusted core team. The videos of our trainings are private and can only be viewed if you have the link. Please do not share documents, links to the videos, or the password to this page.  Please direct all of your questions to Devon Roberts at devon@lillianslist.org.

Training Slide Deck

Social Media Trainings by Jenna Wadsworth. Jenna is a former Lillian’s List Featured Candidate and former candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture.

  • Training Part 1  – Intro to social media and how to use Facebook (table of contents slide at 9:14)
  • Training Part 2 – How to use Twitter (table of contents slide at 00:15)
  • Training Part 3 – How to use Instagram (table of contents slide at 00:12)
  • Training Part 4 – How to use Tiktok and tips for taking high quality videos (table of contents slide at 00:16)
  • Training Part 5  – Content creation, graphic design, social media management strategies (table of contents slide at 00:16)

If you have questions about the Social Media trainings please email them to Devon. She can create and FAQ for these sections if necessary. If there are other resources or worksheets you feel would be helpful please also let Devon know.

Personal Narrative Training by Irene Godinez

Worksheets to get your campaign set up